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What is this Case Study About?

In this page, I explain how I helped bring Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd (SFATC) with bring all its previously-offline business operations and workflow into online operations, including first aid training and grading of students. With this, I hope to shed some light on how YOUR business too can go the same path and bring itself to the next level, technologically.

Project Objectives and Features

SFATC wanted to achieve these following objectives and have these following features and requirements. All the mentioned features were successfully implemented. Details and screenshots are provided below.

Secure Login System

A secure login system. No unauthorised person to have access to it.

Multi-Role Access

A multi-role system, where the person logging in can be a SuperAdmin, Staff, Program Executive or a Trainer.

Go Full Screen

System is able to go full-screen in case certain views call for such a situation, for example a clean, customer-facing, booth-like function.

Cool Logout Method

Not an abrupt logout, not an abrupt pop-up to confirm logout. But a cool strip-display that asks user coolly if they really want to log out.

Proper, Informative Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs ensure that user is not lost in his navigations. This lined navigation breadcrumb line is also clickable, thus making it navigatable to the user.

Add and Manage Users

Admin is able to new Users and be able to manage existing Users in various ways.

Add and Manage Users: 2

All the necessary inputs to add a new user to the system. Inputs like Name, Email, Password, their Profile Image, their Role, and also a Description. Also, you can input the person's Signature as well.

Signature Box Implementation

Wet Signatures are now a necessity. You've signed for deliveries on the delivery man's device. And also in banks. You can implement such signature facility to YOUR system as well, to achieve the authentication factor in your operations.

Check List Management

Easily manage your workflow's checklists, which will be used by the Trainees as part of their feedback.

Course Management

Manage your courses seamlessly and easily.

Manage Skill Stations

Manage the Skill Stations and its contents.

Adding Skill Stations to Courses

Section to add Skill Stations to Courses

Changing or Listing Order

The Courses can be changed of their Listing Order at any time. Not just moving one step up or down, but direct to a specific position. And not only for Courses. This order-changing function can be applied for all entries in the system.

Certificate Creator: 1

This sub-module is a powerful, dynamic Certificate Generator. You just upload a Certificate image file, and a datafile (which is basically an excel csv file). And these will define how the dynamic certificate will be generated. When necessary, the system will use these file to churn out the certificate with all the relevant details of each student.

Certificate Creator: 2

As per system logic, in this case, when Staff selects the Students and click [Send Cert], the system will send out the certificates, that are dynamically generated from the uploaded template files, filled with the unique students' details, and are auto-emailed to them. On top of that, an SMS is also sent to them, to inform of the email.

Classes Management

A simple and comprehensive Class Management module, for Admin or Staff to add-new Classes and to manage existing Classes. A wide range of Action are available for each Class for various type of management.

Delayed Download Jobs

Certain download jobs can be set up so that such jobs are carried out on a delayed fashion without taxing the server during peak-operation times. There's a separate section to manage such delayed Download Jobs, and to download the finished downloads.

Class Session Page

This is a full-featured Class Session page, for Trainers to conduct the first aid training online, It has all the tools and features ready to conduct training and grading in a paperless, digital way.

Many More Features

To list down ALL the features, this page will go down and down. This project was carried out in phases and is now a monster portal with loads of features to cater for the training centre's operational workflow requirements. Do contact me to know more about features that can be implemented in YOUR business as well.

Testimonial from Client

Contact Me for a No-Obligations, Care-free, Consultation

The above system is what I built, ground-up, for a First Aid Training Centre. It was developed to their EXACT, UNIQUE needs, after discussion of their requirements and operational workflow.
Do you want to bring your business and operational workflow to the next technological level as well?
Don't be left out. Everybody is trying to do things the cool, high-tech, efficient, cost-cutting, manpower-cutting way. And THIS is the way!
I will also give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
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