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Core Features of Getcha Smart Management System (GSMS)

Secure Login System

All systems nowadays have to be login-based with a security as tight as possible. In line with this, our developed solutions all use the same secure login mechanism to log in the various users for them to execute their respective roles.

Facebook Connect

Seamless login with Facebook Connect. This will make people sign up or login hassle-free on your system.

Your Own Logo. Your Own App.

We develop systems from ground up, not using some 3rd party engines, configured for your company. So, not just the logo, but everything and anything will be based on your and only your logic and requirements.

Cool Notification Section

When you need to be notified, you app will notify. And do it in a cool way to. And you can efficiently follow up to do what you have to do.

Recent Projects Section

A neat, tidy section for you to follow-up recent projects.


An option to make your app multi language or multi region.

Go Full Screen

Don't be constrained and distracted by the kitchen sink surrounding your app.Full screen function allows you to focus on your work and that only.

Quick-Search Section

A section for you to quickly search your system and show you results.

Shortcut Menu

A quick shortcut menu to access various other Modules and Functionalities of the System

Role Labels

The apt and rightful label for the user to know in which Role he's using the System

Navigation Menu

An icon-based, easily readable navigation menu, for User to navigate the System readily and easily while carrying out his functions.

Functional Header

A feature-rich functional header to control aspects of the current view.

Filtration System

A super-efficient Filtration System that allows you to zoom in to the results that you want.

Entry Sortings

Quick and efficient sorting system for you to see results in relevant orders

Multiple Logins

This feature (which can be optional) allows a user to login with multiple devices at the same time without auto-logging each other out.

SMS Notifications

SMS messages will be sent out to notify your app members about necessary and critical information.

OTP Authentication

SMS will be sent to authenticate your sensitive transactions. Not just banks, but any such sensitive transactions can use OTP method.

Push Notifications

Sometimes certain apps, for example bookings apps, need some notifications to be pushed to the user through their various devices. This feature taks care of that.

Auto Log-Off

This feature will log the member off after a specified period of inactivity, as an extra security measure.

Entries Re-Ordering

You don't have to stick to ordering by dates or alphabets. You can choose to order your listings by your own wish, placing any entry in any order position, as per your own liking.

Offline Handling

You don't get a broken browser message if your device goes offline. Your app shell is retained and your data are handled seamlessly until connection comes back online.